Apple, I get it.

Earlier today, I wrote on Apple’s hint at the iPhone 5. To be honest, I wrote the article solely to show you this amazing gif.

I’ll show it to you again. Just in case you missed it the first time.

oh-snap gif.gif

Anyway, throughout the day I glanced over numerous takes on the naming matter, and MG’s snippet seems to sum it up quite well with, “because of reasons.”

Which, to be exact, is marketing.

Remember Ocean’s Twelve? It wasn’t the 12th film in the series, it simply followed Ocean’s Eleven. Maybe it’s best to think of it that way.

It’s for the people #

Non-followers of tech already refer to the upcoming iPhone as iPhone 5. If Apple swung a curveball at them – because let’s be honest, there are more of them than us – and called it iPhone 6, they’ll look blankly into space.

They’ll then proceed to ask seemingly silly questions like “wait, when did the iPhone 5 come out? How did I miss that?! Is it cheaper than the 6?!!” All of which they’d be right to ask. Why? Because 5 comes after 4. And don’t get me started with “The New iPhone.” That’ll just mindblow them.

Apple doesn’t want any of that. So instead they’ll say screw counting by generations. We count in order.

5 comes after 4.

Case closed.


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