I don’t use a hard drive

Seriously, I don’t. Most likely because I don’t even use a HDD. Rather, I’m all about SSDs. They’re just so fast! But that’s besides the point. You’re here because you want to know how I avoid my drive altogether.

The Setup #

MacBook Air 13.3" Mid 2011

Out of that 256GB SSD, only 249.82GB is actually available to use. Nevertheless, 229.58GB of it is “free.” How? Simple. The cloud.

Before we get into where my files actually are, let’s first take a look at what is normally stored on a computer. Documents, photos, videos, movies, music, contacts, and apps.

Now let’s take a look at where my files are.

Why? #

Because it works. Because the cloud is now. Although not having much files on my Air doesn’t affect me spec wise (SSDs aren’t really “weighed down,” per se), it does gives me a sense of lightness. You know, not having much on you, both literally and digitally. Not to mention, the tools are there, so why not use them?

The benefits are great. When I’m away from my Air, my music files and folders are but a few clicks/taps away. Want to jam out to Pumped Up Kicks? No worries! Open up Spotify and click “play.” Want to double check that file you just sent to John Doe? Launch Dropbox from just about any device out there minus this one.

Not to mention, syncing is a breeze. Although I don’t use (I do own, however) another Mac, the option is there. For example, if I were to decide to flaunt “deep pockets” and go buy a specced out iMac 27" tomorrow morning, after the initial setup, I’ll problem have 88.9% of my files on the new comp after a few log-ins. Just saying.

Final Thoughts #

So here’s what I think. If your current saving system is working for you right now, continue with it. Just make sure to invest in a backup service of some kind. What I’m doing right now, however, is none other than an experiment, a test if you will. I’m simply pushing technology to its limits (or maybe just my mental ones). I’m making it work for me. However, if you’d like to try going nude (my new term for having a drive that’s more than 85% free), step one is to max out your Dropbox account! Those guys are doing big things.

However, I will be honest. There is one little “area” I’m still dependent on my SSD for – Adobe Creative Suite. When they catch up, I’ll clear out.

Or maybe I’ll just (re)use Bitcasa. I hear they’re offering “infinite storage” or something. Sounds snazzy.


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