To-do lists

You know, those things you use to list out the tasks for the day. But that’s the thing. Do you actually use them? I for one can tell you that I currently have/use/have signed-up for numerous task management services. Unfortunately, however, I can’t remember the last time I checked any one them1. I rely on my sketchy memory.

I think this defeats the purpose.

The point of a task manager is to manage your tasks (no, really?). However, most services seem to chase the design, sharing and collaboration quotas, while forgetting about the main goal – management. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just me that can’t seem to check these apps on a daily basis. Regardless of which is the case, this is my post. So I’ll continue with what I have to say. I’ll (hopefully) solve my own problem.

Clears throat… #

I love apps. Specifically GTD (get things done) and task management apps. I love comparing their designs, UI/UX, flow, and speediness. But I don’t seem to compare/contrast the biggest point of comparison – their effectiveness.

When I decide to launch any one of these apps, whether that be on my Mac or iOS device(s), it’s to add a to-do. If it’s time sensitive, I’ll usually keep the app open so the task is in my face all day. If it’s something that needs to be completed in the near future, I’ll add a reminder (if the app supports that). However, I rarely go back to “check off” that the to-do has been to-done. This is the part that needs fixing.

[begins inside thoughts typed out]

But how would an app developer tackle such a problem?

Maybe a reminder? But I hate those. But maybe it might work. Like at the end of the day, a quick dropdown or notification asking if I’ve completed the task (granting that there wasn’t a completion date set). Would I use the app more then? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s worth a shot. I’d definitely open the app more…

[/ends inside thoughts typed out]

What works right now? #

I guess the best way to go about solving my own problem is asking myself what works for me now. As a blogger and designer, I’m surrounded by lists on the daily. Some I like. Some I detest. Nevertheless, they’re there. As for the ones I like,

There. That feels better. So it looks like I’m all for an app that’s pretty, yet functional. Fast, but efficient. Light, but not anorexic (in features). Most of all, an app that serves one purpose and serves it well.

Is there an app out there that does all this? In my opinion, no. If there were, I don’t think I’d be writing up this brain dump. That doesn’t mean, however, there isn’t an efficient app out there for you. This is all about personal preference people. I like a bunch of apps, but I want one that incorporates all the “coolness” of the others. Maybe it’s in the works. Maybe it’s not.

Maybe… I just need to deal, launch those to-do list apps and start checking things off.

Crap, what’s my password?

1 I’m referring to my personal small-scale to-do lists. Trust me, I check my work related ones. ↩


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