I Recommend: Kippt, BreakTime app, Offscreen

A week or so ago, I wrote a piece entitled, “Show People Kindness.” In it, I ranted about how the web is filled with negative posts, but I also explained my intention to, once a week (hopefully), try and mention a few products, services, and/or people that I would recommend to others. And, I’d say thanks to them for their hard work.

Today I’ll begin.

  1. Kippt

  2. BreakTime app

  3. Offscreen Magazine

Kippt #

This is a service by Jori and Karri. These two guys from Finland are doing something amazing. They’re making the sharing of links on the web fun again.

Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 5.13.08 PM.png

The startup, a YC ‘12 backed grad, is growing fast with new features added every month. However, one thing I respect them for, amongst others, is the fact that they think features through in their entirety before adding them. Something I wish other products and services would mirror. You see, most companies “dump, then cleanup.” Or, they add a half-finished feature to their service, then after all the complaints of how it sucks, go back and patch it up. Kippt, on the other hand, weigh the pros and cons, outline the possible areas of potential problems, and figure out ways of solving them even before the first line of code is written.

But I digress.

If you’re into beautiful products, collect links (don’t we all?), and want a place to both save and share them easily, Kippt’s the way to go.

BreakTime app #

By now, we all know how bad it is to sit down all day. It’s bad for our minds (no breaks), it’s bad for our posture, and it’s terrible for our health (and eyes).

Now, there are many things out there to help with this. F.lux adjusts the color of your display based on your location/time, which is great – less strain on your poor sockets at night time. Standing desks/GeekDesk encourage you to keep your bottom joints stretched out, lovely. The Aeron and Think encourage good posture and keep your back straight, swell.

But there’s something none of these products or services encourage you to do. GET UP FROM THE COMPUTER. And I can say this because I have/use all three (minus the Think chair).

BreakTime app does. It’s simple.

Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 5.23.53 PM.png

Simply turn it on, set the time between breaks, and the length of breaks. That’s it. The clock will begin counting down, and when the time comes, it will sound and you’ll get up. Of course, the app can only help you half way. Once you get up, it’s your responsibility to make something of that time. Stretch, dammit. Twirl, jump, do a pushup. Do something.

If you want to be hardcore, or you seriously have a working problem, turn on the “enforce break” option, which literally prevents you access from doing anything on your Mac during this time period.

It was also built with common sense in mind. If you’re in the middle of an unplanned Skype conversation and time’s about to run out, add a few minutes to it. Or, if there’s nothing left for you to do for a while, manually run out the clock and go stretch or something.

Nutshell, get it.

Offscreen Magazine #

Kai Brach is doing something amazing down in Australia. Offscreen, his brain child, is a printed publication that focuses on “the people behind the bits and pixels.”


And although I’ve not been in an issue yet (though I’ve been interviewed on the blog), I’ve been able to read the stories of people I’m friends with and those I admire. This includes Drew Wilson, Dan Cederholm, Chris Coyier, Christian Reber, Dan Counsell, Colis Ta'heed, Wilson Miner, and many more.

He’s already three issues in, and sells a bundle for buying all. Do so.

Boom #

To all three of you, thanks for your awesome work. To everyone else out there, keep building amazing things. There are people like me that live better/easier/more fulfilling lives because of them.



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