Young Creatives  

First, back this.

I’m 18 and I create things. So that makes me a young creative, right? I have the daily opportunity to work, advise, and collaborate with numerous amazing designers, developers, and creatives alike. I, along with Drew, also co-founded an online publication called The Industry that’s dedicated to covering the creative community.

However #

There are many like me (young) who are making amazing products, apps, and tools without any coverage or spotlight in sight. Simply because they don’t have 25K+ followers on Twitter, or a familiar name. Funny thing is, there are some who fit both bills, but still can’t manage to make anything sustainable from $41 million besides a shopping list full of patents.

But I digress.

The point is, young people are the leaders, innovators, and creators of tomorrow. It just so happens that they tend to start today. So when [they] do, well, they deserve some notice. But exactly how do we do that? Another blog? Podcast? Print?

Apparently Tim Smith, the guy behind The East Wing, agrees. And he wants to take the latter route to do something about it. It’s called Make Awesome and it will highlight those who don’t get much exposure.

Make Awesome is a web design magazine that celebrates the work of the unknown, the young and those who inspire us to take risks.

Others agree.

Do you? Prove it.


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